Plans to Turn Coronavirus App into Permanent Health Tracker


Sarah Peddie

Officials in Hangzhou plan to turn the COVID-19 phone app into a permanent health tracker to increase people’s health and immunity throughout the city. 

The city is planning to make the health tracking app a permanent fixture rather than just keeping it to track the coronavirus outbreak for its population of 10 million people. 

The app displays a QR code with a person’s virus status and this can be used to look at the extent on how an individual can move about the city.

Hangzhou is the home to the e-commerce giant Alibaba and where the app first launched. The authorities have announced that they plan to launch a more wider version to monitor people’s general health. 

The director of the Hangzhou health commission Sun Yongrong told a meeting on Friday that many advancements in healthcare administration had been achieved already through the QR code app. He then proposed combining the data with more health indicators to develop index rankings for individuals. 

For the proposed app, a person’s status would be colour-coded and scored out of 100 based on their medical records, physical test results, activity levels and other lifestyle choices like smoking. 

The app will show a numeral and colour bar indicating the health of the user. It will track the factors that contribute to the score - which includes the number of cigarettes smoked a day, step count and hours slept. 

The authorities plan to have the app ready by the end of June according to Chinese media reports. 

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