Calls for COVID-19 Data to be More Up-to-Date in UK


Sarah Peddie

A UK chief statistician calls for the registration of COVID-19 related deaths to be done within 24 hours to clear up the data lag that is currently a problem. 

He vowed that citizens should be legally required to register the death of a loved one online after 24 hours after the pandemic has caused confusion.  

This call was made after the confusion over the overall death toll in the UK which is expected to be much higher as hospital deaths are reported a lot quicker than deaths in other settings.

Under current rules, it can take up to five days untila death can be registered and this is done by postal services. Chief statistician Ian Diamond said that under these current rules, it was impossible to produce up-to-date information.

He told MPs: “My view is strongly that we should get more timely data.

“And the way to do that is to legislate for the deaths to be registered electronically within 24 hours.”

More than 40,000 people are known to have died from the virus but this figure does match up with the Government’s figure which is over 32,600

Diamond added: “What we are seeing is a reduction in the deaths but not at the moment as speedy as we would perhaps like.”

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