Wuhan Lockdown Over


Sarah Peddie

The lockdown in Wuhan, which the coronavirus pandemic started, has been lifted after over three months.

The people of Wuhan are now allowed to leave the city in China’s Hubei province if they are given a green code on a smartphone health app. 

Train, road and rail links have now been re-established within the province.

This comes after there were no deaths reported on Tuesday 7 April since the first death figures came out. 

The authorities had imposed restrictions on travel and ordered most businesses to close to contain the spread of the virus within Wuhan - which has 11 million residents.

With these measures being put in place, infection rates have gone down and the majority of cases are now being reported outside of China. 

When Wuhan reported its first week of no new infections last month, shopping centres were reopened. 

From Wednesday 8 April, residents will be able to use public transport if they have a QR code for scanning - the code is unique for every person and it links to their confirmed health status.  

Medical supplies and other daily goods will be allowed to return back to business. Other industries will also be able to re-open. 

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