NHS Staff Report Lack of PPE via App


Sarah Peddie

NHS workers have turned to a web-based online app to report on the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals across the country.

Staff used Frontline.Live which was launched on Saturday to report a shortage of PPE such as hand sanitiser, masks, goggles and gowns. 

The way the app works is workers can tweet the items they need, their work postcode along with the hashtag #FrontlineMap. If they want to remain anonymous then they can complete an online form. 

The requests are plotted on a real-time map and this can then be viewed by policymakers and suppliers. 

The app is a collaboration between technologists, social-enterprise founders and volunteers. It came about after entrepreneur Katz Kiely, chief executive of innovation agency Beep, and her dedicated team identified 25,000 tweets from NHS staff about PPE shortages last month. 

Staff working in care homes can also make requests on the app for PPE.

The UK Government has said that there is enough PPE to go around and has called on the military to help with the distribution

Despite this, many NHS workers are still experiencing shortages of the equipment. 

According to Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers in England, has stated that the supplies of gowns are dangerously low in some hospitals.

At least 19 NHS workers have died from contracting the virus (accurate as of April 14).

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