Increased Testing for COVID-19 in Arizona


Sarah Peddie

The Translational Genomics Research (TGen) Institute in Arizona have ramped up their testing facilities to help tackle COVID-19 and its threat to global health.

TGen is a non-profit genomics research institute which seeks to employ genetic discoveries to improve disease outcomes by developing smarter diagnostics and targeted therapeutics.

Since the beginning of the year TGen has been using advanced biomedical technologies to study this disease while also working to help establish a statewide tracking network for COVID-19.

In March, they began working with federal, state and county governments and private healthcare providers to expand testing for COVID-19. 

They are also receiving respiratory samples every day where other lung diseases have been ruled out to gather some idea about the general population occurence of the virus. 

TGen has started to collect and analyse samples from symptomatic citizens from select communities such as Native American communities as well as individuals in long-term healthcare centres and jail populations - to help provide support in these groups that are often pushed to the side. 

Due to TGen, Arizona is moving forward to establish a public health testing programme for high-risk individuals who are working on the front line trying to combat the pandemic or anyone who could be dangerous in spreading the disease. 

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