Biopharmaceutical Response to COVID-19


Sarah Peddie

Coronavirus is causing material disruption worldwide and reminds us how much of a challenge COVID-19 is for everyone but how is the biopharmaceutical industry reacting to the virus?

The virus has shown how quickly it can spread across the world - which has impacted highy on healthcare systems and causing disruption in society. 

The need for constant surveillance, diagnosis and research to understand the biology of the organisms is ever growing as the amount of cases increases daily.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, there have been calls for the biopharmaceutical industry and research organisations to create a vaccine in an effort to help defeat the virus as quickly as possible.

China has already approved early stage human tests for two of the experimental vaccines as it continues to battle the coronavirus, contain cases and prevent a second wave.

However, the situation is still evolving worldwide and it is way too early to say what the overall cost to the global economy will be due to the exposure of the virus. 

From a biopharmaceutical point of view - a safe and effective treatment is what is needed to combat the virus that has got a hold of the world. 

Limiting further infection will help collective efforts and support the biopharmaceutical industry to find effective treatments.

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