How Recruiters Should Adapt to COVID-19


Sarah Peddie

We are currently living in times of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a difficult time for anyone trying to continue with their business as normal.

Everyone has had to try and adapt to the current situation and here are ways that recruiters can respond to the difficulties COVID-19 has brought to our work lives. 

Social Media

Think about what candidates and clients want to hear about in times like these. The news is currently dominated with coronavirus and the impact it is having on businesses compared to what it would have been a couple months ago - in our case, our news blogs would be about new health technology and new hospital buildings. Adapt your news output to suit current times. 

Most recruiters already use social media and have upped their game to meet the demand of candidates wanting to learn about the latest breaking news. More eyes on your social media outlets means more opportunity to serve up content to your audience. 


Communicating with your existing clients will be your priority right now. They will want to be kept up to date with what is staying the same and what is changing within your company for the next few months. 

You should focus on giving them guidance and support at a time of such uncertainty whether it be with staff, candidates or clients - make sure your message lines up with the measures you are taking and follow through with them.  

Always Be Available

Many clients will be trying to deal with all the changes happening around them by the hour and in different regions and countries which are all impacted in different ways due to various guidance. Make sure you are keeping up to date and remaining informed about all the changes happening.

Look Into The Future 

You have to remember that this pandemic is only temporary. You have to tackle the problems right now but consider how your business will look when everyone goes back to some form of normality. Make sure you are ready for client demand in sectors that have been heavily impacted. Talent pipelining now will be very helpful in the near future where employers will have less time to hire candidates.

Working From Home

Businesses worldwide have had no other choice than to work remotely due to restrictions put in place by governments across the globe. 

Make sure you set everything up as quickly as possible and have everything planned out. From keeping in contact with staff, document sharing, video interviewing - this motivates and engages remote teams by communicating easily with each other. 

Drive Efficiency 

Your main focus should be on output and results rather than simply the hours that are put in. Think about whether you need to switch the focus of your business. Think about whether you should build up your talent pools for when demand does pick up again or use the time for personal learning and development. 

It is the time to remove distractions and focus on your clients and candidates rather than admin that could be done another day.

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