Canadian Company Launch Telehealth Services


Sarah Peddie

Canadian Company WELL Health has launched its new telehealth service for patients and plans to ramp up the programme in order to meet high demands caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

VirtualClinic+ gives physicians a platform to add telehealth consultations as an enhancement to their practice. It also allows them to offer primary care that is unattached to patients - there are currently around 4.8 million Canadians without a physician (family doctor).

WELL Health is a company that is focused on modernising clinical and digital assets within the primary healthcare sector.

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, the telehealth service can offer an alternative to waiting room visits. Patients can schedule an appointment online and connect directly with a physician on their phone or computer without downloading an app. 

In a statement from the company, Dr. Michael Frankel, the Chief Medical Officer of WELL said: “As a physician with experience working with various telehealth platforms over the past several years, I believe VirtualClinic+ is the most comprehensive telemedicine program in Canada due to its coverage of a number of different use cases and scenarios including virtual walk-in and due to its empowerment of family practice clinics to support existing attached patients.

“All participating doctors in the program are Canadian licensed physicians who share in WELL’s vision of using technology solutions to improve patient access and outcomes.”

WELL Health have also pointed out that their new programme VirtualClinic+ is fully integrated with their Electronic Medical Register system for a seamless experience for physicians offering the service. 

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