A Guide to the DataFlow Report

Guide to the Data Flow Report for Clinical medical professionals in the Gulf States

Sarah Peddie

If you are thinking about moving to the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Qatar (and many other Gulf regions) to work in the healthcare sector, then you will need to complete a Dataflow report.

This is essential for private and government sector organisations as one of the biggest threats to security, service quality and stakeholder wellbeing is unqualified staff using fake legal documents, certificates and credentials. 

This is where the DataFlow Group comes in and helps by providing background screening which is thorough and accurate.

What is a Dataflow Report?

The DataFlow Group carries out a Primary Source Verification (PSV) which is an advanced screening process that involves liaising directly with original issuing sources. 

This is to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of academic, professional and legal credentials which are presented by applicants.

Education degrees, work permits, passports, employment certificates and practice licenses, among others are what would be included in the verified documents list. 

Since 2013, more than 10,000 applicants applying within the healthcare sector were found to have used fake or misrepresented credentials through the use of DataFlow. 

There are some ways to make the application process a lot easier for yourself:

  • Make sure you are applying under the correct authority and select the right health authority you are applying to. 
  • Review the authority’s requirements before applying so you can get all the correct documents ready. You will most likely need to provide education credentials, identification documents or previous job experiences, as specified by the regulator you’re applying to.
  • Ensure you submit the correct documents for the DataFlow Group as different authorities have different requirements. 
  • For more information during the application process, refer to the ‘How to Apply’ and ‘FAQ’ documents specific to the authority you are applying under.

To avoid any delays in the verification process, make sure that your documents are clear and your information is correct.

Due to new privacy laws put in place, DataFlow had to make some changes to how data was stored for users.

Which then led to the creation of TrueProfile.io and have recommended DataFlow users to transfer their report over for safekeeping, in case it is needed in the future. 

To start your verification process then visit the DataFlow Group website. 

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