8 Qualities Employers Look For in a Candidate


Sarah Peddie

When applying for a job, it is important to know what qualities employers look for in a candidate. A job advert will tell you what qualifications and requirements are needed for the job but when it comes to the actual job interview, it’s a whole different story.

The right requirements are what get you the job interview but once you get to the job interview, you have to bring your skills and qualities to the table as well.

Here at Odyssey Recruitment, we have put together eight qualities that employers look for in a potential candidate. 

8 Qualities Employers Look For in Candidates:

1. Have Ambition 

Having ambition means that you have goals and you are showing the employer that you want to get smarter and stronger throughout your life. It could be anything between moving up the corporate ladder, starting up your own business or starting something completely new. A good employer will always look for someone with ambition to take on board. 

2. Know What You Want in Life

Similar to ambition - employers will look for people who are self-directed, know what they want and are willing to work until they get it. So if you are wanting to start up your own business in a few years time, then do not be afraid to mention it to a potential employer. 

3. Know Your Strengths

Employers are looking for people who know what they are good at doing. Don’t forget to mention what you are good at and highlight it in the interview - whether it be a software programme or working in a specific environment - let the employer know your strengths. 

4. Be Able to Think Independently 

Managers will want to hire people who can come up with their own ideas and think independently. In your job interview, take the opportunity to share an opinion rather than giving standard interview answers. 

5. Be Proactive 

Being a proactive employee means that you do not wait around to be told what to do but you jump into action when you see a way to help a situation. Ask questions about what you’ll be performing in the job, this shows the employers that you have been thinking about the job description you have been given. 

6. Want to Learn New Things 

Managers want to hire people that are willing to learn new things and show an interest in wanting to learn new ways to get things done. If you read or follow courses in your spare time then bring it up in your interview. 

7. Problem Solve

Show the employer that you are comfortable with problem solving by telling them a story of when you solved a problem. They will see your brain working and you’ll see their brain working too. 

8. Work Well in a Team

This comes up in any job that you are applying for - you have to be able to work well in a team. Teamwork is an important attribute for a candidate to have and it is a key quality employers look for. You can always highlight this in an interview by telling an anecdote about a time you worked well within a team environment.  

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