6 Ways to Improve Candidate Experience


Sarah Peddie

In order to be a successful recruitment company, having good candidate experience will help you and your company progress forward and attract more candidates.

The way the job market is going now means that the talent will pick you instead of the other way around and they base it off of candidate experience.

What is candidate experience?

What we mean by the term “candidate experience” is quite self explanatory, it is basically the experience a candidate has during the recruiting process and is the overall perception of the company’s recruiting process.

When referring to the term “candidate” this is not just job seekers but also past and future candidates.

Here are the ways that you can improve your business’s candidate experience:

Make the Job Description Clear

Writing a job description that attracts candidates is the very step to finding and hiring the right person. 

Job descriptions are the most important content a candidate will look at when searching for jobs.

Candidates will want a clear and accurate explanation about the job and the responsibilities within the job. They will also want information about salary range, benefits and company values all in an easy to follow format. 

Make the Recruiting Process Clear

You want to make sure that your recruitment process is clear to future candidates. 

Knowing what the process is like beforehand can ease candidates and make them feel less stressed about the process but also feel valued by your company.

Easy Application Process

Candidates typically spend hours on applying and submitting one job application and over half usually quit the application process when it is lengthy or takes up a lot of time. 

A long application process will make candidates think that it is not worth the time or effort and will make the candidate experience of your company much poorer.

Do everything you can to make it shorter and as simple as you can.


Candidates want to be constantly updated on everything that is going on from the employers rather than being left in the dark.  

Create email campaigns that will keep candidates updated and interested or create more focused and targeted campaigns.


Giving feedback to candidates helps them improve as professionals so give candidates feedback on what went right and what went wrong. 

Recruiting is a two-way process, you can ask the candidate for feedback as well. Getting insights from people who have gone through the process can help improve your business's candidate experience.

Keep in Touch

The candidate experience does not end when the candidate is successful in getting a job, regularly keeping in touch with people can build up your talent pool.

If a job opening comes up that is perfect for a candidate you have in mind then you can get in touch with them. 

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