New Plans for HSC Winnipeg to Reach Future Healthcare Needs


Sarah Peddie

A master plan by the Health Ministry for Manitoba’s biggest hospital will make sure services are provided at Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre to meet current and future healthcare needs.

A long-term blueprint will be developed for HSC Winnipeg which will give direction to future development as well as help align services offered by the provincial government and its healthcare partners.

The centre delivers the most specialised care for adults and children and is the main centre for trauma, transplants, burns, neurosciences and complex cancer care in the province.

The master plan that is in place will include an inventory of buildings, facilities and infrastructure, as well as any shifts in the location of specific clinical services to best meet the needs of the ever changing population. 

More than 8,000 staff, physicians and volunteers care for patients within the hospital’s campus which covers a space of 39 acres and more than 4 million square feet of occupied space within the area.

The province has already spent a significant amount of capital dollars on a new Ambulance Care Clinic, Women’s Hospital, an Acute Stroke Unit and the Mental Health Crisis Response Centre.

No estimated cost or timeframe for the review or future developments are available at the moment but Health Minister Cameron Friesen said the province will issue a request for proposals for the development contract in the next few weeks. 

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