Dubai's Visiting Doctor's License


Sarah Peddie

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority has a visiting doctor's license in place to attract international medical talent into the UAE. 

The Visiting Doctor’s License allows international physicians, dentists and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners to work in up to three clinical facilities within the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) free zone.

The old license meant that visiting doctors could practice temporarily in the free zone only through a license obtained by the clinical facilities and it was valid for a three-month period with an option to extend by an additional three months.

Now with the new license, which has been in place for over a year, physicians can work for two years once they obtain a Letter of Acceptance (a document confirming their eligibility to work as physicians) and enter a contract with a clinical facility. 

The license will also mean that they will be able to sponsor families during the validity period. 

How it all works:

  • Any doctor can apply from abroad
  • Can work with up to three facilities 
  • Visa will be valid for two years 
  • DHCC will be the sponsor of the doctors

You can apply for the Visiting Doctor’s License  through

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