Vaping Brand to Stop Production of Flavoured Pods


Sarah Peddie

One of Canada’s biggest suppliers of vaping products in the country has said they will stop selling most of their flavoured vaping pods after concerns over health risks. 

This comes after Health Canada issued a warning to residents using e-cigarettes which can cause serious lung disease and it has already caused fatalities in the USA.

Juul will not pull their products off the shelves but will stop re-supplying shops and businesses once the stock is sold out.

The production of the flavoured pods, mango, vanilla, fruit and cucumber will stop as of Wednesday January 15. 

Health Canada is now considering introducing stricter regulations on the vaping industry due to claims that the rules around products do not protect public health.

There has also been suggestions about new regulations to be put in place which could see vaping products be treated like tobacco products.  

Regulations would include a ban on advertising anywhere they can be seen by younger people - which would be around public spaces, stores and online. 

There would also be a ban on displays of vaping products in shops, apart from specialised vaping shops that do not let anyone under 18 enter. 

Some of the vaping brands already include health warning on their products but suggested regulations would make them mandatory for all companies. 

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