Plans for New Medical Research Centre


Sarah Peddie

The UAE cabinet has announced that a new centre will be established for medical research to improve healthcare within the emirates. 

The announcement by the cabinet was made on Monday as part of improvements planned across many sectors over the next 50 years. 

The centre will focus on studies of cancer, diabetes, heart and genetic diseases which will create a unified database for medical researchers across the country. It will also collaborate with international institutions and organisations to help enhance research between health and academic institutions.  

The results from research programmes will help to create new products, services and policies to help improve and develop the UAE’s healthcare services.

Leading doctors have said that the research centre will be a valuable asset for the country and its fight against these diseases. 

Prasanth Manghat, chief executive and executive director of NMC Health said the research centre would help prepare the UAE and its healthcare system to treat a growing population of diseases. 

The centre will also help improve patient experience and create a unique database for the country which has a diverse population. It will also allow medical professionals to work together and learn from one another.  

A resolution on the Supreme Medical Liability Committee was announced as well at the cabinet meeting. This resulted in establishing a committee for medical liability throughout the healthcare sector to process disputes and complaints faster. 

This will hope to improve relations between patients and healthcare providers.

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