Next Stop... North Island - New Zealand


Sarah Peddie

Here at Odyssey, we offer jobs in big cities all over the world which attract candidates to go to work and live in. However, we also have jobs in remote towns within the countries overseas. 

If you are not a big city kind of person, then maybe you should consider moving to a small town. Living and working in a small town has its many perks and advantages as you will find out in this article.

North Island of New Zealand 

We have many jobs on offer on the North Island of New Zealand, most of which are in small rural towns. The South Island usually gets recognition for its vibrant cities like Christchurch and Queenstown but the North Island has plenty of things to do as well as great attractions. It is a beautiful part of the world and a very scenic place to work. 

If you like living in the city then the North Island is home to Auckland, which is the largest city on the island with a third of the country's total population living there. The city can offer a great shopping experience with high fashion, wine, gourmet food and art all on offer. Auckland offers up great entertainment and nightlife. There are bars, restaurants, clubs and there are always shows and concerts being held in the heart of the city. 

Auckland is surrounded by two large harbours which can make some stunning views. It also has eight islands that are worth the visit. 

If you do not fancy living in the big city then there are plenty of small rural towns on the island that would be perfect to live in and there are many other attractions on the North Island. 

The beaches on the east and west coast of the island are very different but equally as nice. If you have a day off work then the beach is a great way to spend it with the family. The eastern coast is filled with stunning beaches and bays. They are sheltered by the mountain ranges which protect them from the wind. These beaches are ideal for swimming and watersports. 

The western coast beaches are very different but are also worth paying a visit. These beaches are a bit rugged and are exposed to westerly winds coming from Australia. They are the best beaches for surfing due to the wild waves.

Living and working in the North Island could bring you closer to the native culture of Maori where you can explore the fascinating culture. 

New Zealand is famous for its geothermal activity and the North Island sits on top of an active part of the earth’s crust. There are many national parks, thermal pools and volcanic lakes to visit. 

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