Ministry of Health Set Up Walking Campaign


Sarah Peddie

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has launched a four month campaign to get residents walking and promote exercise throughout the Kingdom.

The walking campaign is part of the Ministry’s goals to achieve the targets set in the Vision 2030 plan which is aimed to improve public health and boosting life expectancy from 74 to 80 years. 

Many schools and universities will be taking part in the campaign which was confirmed by the marketing and awareness director general - Anas Al-Hamid.

To make it more appealing to the people of Saudi Arabia, there will even be an app to go along with the campaign to calculate and tell participants how many steps they have done throughout the day.

There will also be an event in all of Saudi’s regions that will land on National Walking Day which is scheduled to happen on March 5.

Participants are encouraged to reach a target of 8000 steps or more everyday. There will also be winners at the end of the campaign who will be rewarded.

The General Authority for Statistics 2018 report about people who work out and exercise revealed that 54 percent of people in Saudi Arabia walked and the Ministry now wants to increase that stat. 

This campaign is also in place to tackle problems such as obesity and diabetes which are major problems within the Kingdom as 40 percent of people are obese and 19 percent are diabetic.

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