Increase in Government Funds for Healthcare


Sarah Peddie

The New Zealand Government has set out a plan to inject $12bn into infrastructure as part of the New Zealand Upgrade Programme which will see $300m put into healthcare.

Child, maternity and acute mental health care units are the main focus of the healthcare package.

Mental health and addiction services will receive over $90m and plans have included three new acute units across the country. A further $80m will be spent on child and maternal health with upgrades to maternity facilities. 

An additional $75m will address the poor conditions in hospital infrastructure around the country with just over $25m going towards regional and rural services. 

No new hospital will be built as it was not set out in the plans or as part of the package.

The biggest single project within the package is a new $30m acute mental health unit at Tauranga Hospital on the North Island of the country. 

About $195 of the package was announced on Wednesday but the rest is expected to be announced in the upcoming months. 

Priority was given to projects that were ready for funding which meant plans could get underway as soon as possible.

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