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Sarah Peddie

New Zealand has excellent opportunities for medical practice as a specialist in hospital or community setting, general practitioner or a registrar or house officer in training. The country has twenty district health boards, 15 on the more populous north island and 5 on the south island and these are responsible for the provision of public health and personal medical and dental health to all New Zealand's citizens. 

New Zealand has three major cities: a capital city, Wellington, a commercial capital Auckland, both in the north island, and the third largest city Christchurch located on the south island. There are many other smaller cities and towns with hospitals and clinics.

Postgraduate Training Medical Positions in New Zealand

New Zealand has excellent postgraduate medical eduction accredited for the appropriate specialist Royal College exams. Training is of fixed duration and the Fellowship exams are exit exams which mark the end of formal specialist training and are widely recognised internationally as Tier 1 qualifications. The Australian and New Zealand Fellowships are recognised for specialist / consultant positions in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the countries of the Middle East to name a few. However competition for postions can be tough as NZ has become a popular country for junior doctor all over the world.

Specialist Positions in New Zealand

Some medical specialities are in short supply in NZ and there is a high demand for psychiatrists all over the country. ENT Surgeons, anaesthetists and radiologists are also sought to fill vacant roles. Specialists have permanent employment unless on a fixed term contract and enjoy pension benefits and guaranteed salary of NZ$ 190-270 K on average.

Rural and Remote Medicine

This is a new speciality in Australia and New Zealand and has its own postgraduate training and College, the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine which provides a structured course of postgraduate training in broad generalist primary and secondary medical skills. Most physicians are general practitioners or internists and work in community clinics and small hospitals (less than 50 beds) where they manage in patients and out patients and make referrals to general hospitals. Most of the rural communities are Maori with their own unique culture and a high incidence of medical problems.

North Island of New Zealand 

The North Island is home to Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand, with a third of the country's total population. The city is famous for its coastal location, two large harbours, eight islands and sailing. It also offers museums, opera, ballet, concerts, art galleries and great shopping experiences with high fashion, wine, gourmet food on offer.

The beaches on the east and west coasts of the island are very different. The western coast beaches are rugged and  exposed to westerly winds coming from Australia, making them the best spots for surfing due to the wild waves. The eastern coast is filled with stunning beaches and bays, sheltered by the mountain ranges which protect them from the wind. These beaches are ideal for swimming and watersports. 

New Zealand is famous for its geothermal activity and the North Island sits on top of an active part of the earth’s crust. There are many national parks, thermal pools and volcanic lakes to visit. 

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