Next Stop... Western Australia


Sarah Peddie

Here at Odyssey, we offer jobs in big cities all over the world which attract candidates to go to work and live in. However, we also have jobs in remote towns within the countries overseas. 

If you are not a big city kind of person, then maybe you should consider moving to a small town. Living and working in a small town has its many perks and advantages as you will find out in this article.

The Western Coast of Australia

We currently have some jobs in Western Australia and here are some reasons why you should consider moving there. 

Western Australia (WA) is the biggest state in the country and accounts for around 30% of Australia’s land mass. Perth, which is the capital of Western Australia, is the most isolated city in the world. Adelaide is the closest city to Perth and it is 2,000km away. Singapore and Jakarta are closer to Perth than Perth is to Canberra. 

These few facts just put into perspective the scale of Western Australia and how big it really is. 

Due to its sheer size, it has a couple of different climates depending on where abouts you end up. It has a generally all round sunny climate with very biodiverse landscapes.

It has a Mediterranean climate in the south of the state, desert in the east and tropical in the north. Perth is actually the sunniest city in Australia as it gets around nine hours of sun per day and where temperatures can reach up to 29°C in the summer. This makes WA a holiday destination all year round - which could make a great place for you to work and live if you like those sorts of conditions. 

If you like being near the beach then you are in luck if you move to the west coast. The state has around 12,500km of coastline on the Indian Ocean so there are plenty of beaches to go and enjoy.

There is so much adventure to be had when living in WA. Due to it being half the size of the whole of Europe, there are many attractions to see and plenty of outdoor activities for everyone. 

From swimming with dolphins and whale sharks to exploring caves and going camping - if you love the outdoors, then this is the place for you.

If you fancy working in a small rural town on the west coast then you should consider working in Western Australia. If you have a sense of adventure and want to work and live in a tropical climate then this is the place for you. 

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