Getting Your Dream Job - Making the Move


Sarah Peddie

Here at Odyssey, we like to think that we are helping you apply for your dream job overseas. Despite the overwhelming positives thoughts you may have about your dream job there are always things to consider before making the move. 

We have put together a guide for you which should help you along the way when thinking about or applying for your dream job.

Article 5 - Making the Move

Once your job is confirmed and you are ready to make your move overseas there are still many things you need to get sorted before you start your new life in your dream destination. 

Having everything sorted before you land in the country you plan to live and work in will make your life a lot easier and stress free. 

1 - Getting everything sorted

Finances - This is not just about how much money you have in your pocket, there are things to get sorted with your finances before moving to a foreign country to live. Have you converted enough money into the currency of the country so you are able to live comfortably? Have you set up a new international bank account? Have you made sure you won’t get taxed in the UK or your country of origin? Will your bank card work overseas? If not have you set up a new one before you leave? It is always best to seek professional help if you are not sure how to go about your finances. 

Accommodation - Where will you be staying when you arrive and how long will you be able to stay there for? Will you have to find your own place? Make sure you find out the answers prior to moving. 

Airport pick up - This is such a simple point that most often gets ignored or not thought about but how are you getting picked up from the airport? Most hospitals will send a representative but it is always good to make sure you know when and where you’ll meet them.

Communication - Check to see if your phone will work overseas and try to find a sim card or a plan to use as soon as you arrive so you are not completely cut off. 

2 - Relocating 

Relocating services are there to help you make moving away as easy as possible. Try and find a service that helps you relocate to worldwide destinations to make the move as stress free as possible for you.

3 - Living in a new country 

Once you have your finances sorted, you need to think about your life living in a new country. If you are taking your family with you then sorting out schools is probably a priority. Do some research on the schools in the area and which ones would suit your family the best.

How are you going to get to work everyday? Is the public transport really good in the country or will you need a car to get around? If so then you will need to take your drivers license and possibly some documents as well.

Is it worth starting to look into the property market and buying a house? (if you can) Or is renting a place the best option for you and whoever you are taking?

Make sure you set up an account with a local bank when you enter the country or before if it is possible.

Looking into everything that has been mentioned and getting everything sorted before you leave will make your move as smooth as it can possibly be. Nobody wants to have the stress of having to sort everything out when you arrive so it is best to get it done as soon as possible. 

Ever fancied moving overseas to work in your dream job? Register with Odyssey Recruitment today and your dream move could be a lot closer than you think.