Wildfires Continue to Spread and Health Warnings Increase


Sarah Peddie

Wildfires continue to spread across the southern part of Australia with the city of Sydney covered in a thick cloud of smoke for the past couple of days.

Australia’s largest city was concealed in a large amount of thick smoke on Tuesday which led to many residents seeking medical treatment as the air pollution got to a hazardous level. 

Residents woke up to a thick haze which made it very difficult to see the high rise buildings in the city.

Most of the country’s coastal areas are under serious fire threats as there are currently just under 50 fires burning across the New South Wales state.

The smoke has caused a lot of health problems for people living in the area as the World Air Quality Index has risen to a number which is in the top 25 worst in the world. 

Western Sydney is believed to be the worst affected area of the city.

Health officials have warned people with asthma and other respiratory conditions to stay indoors and avoid any outdoor activity. 

According to the NSW Ambulance service, around 60 people have been treated as the smoke has given them health complications. 

High temperatures and poor air quality are causing additional health risks to the residents of Sydney. 

The fires are expected to continue to spread across the south of the country.

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