Saudi Government Receive Certificates by the WHO


Sarah Peddie

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has been awarded certificates for five “Healthy Cities” within the country by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Saudi Arabia has actioned the implementations of the Healthy Cities programme by the WHO and this has led to the country registering 30 cities altogether.

So far, five cities have been awarded certificates and which led to increased aim for all cities to achieve a healthier population.

What is a Healthy City?

According to the WHO, a healthy city strives to do four key things; to create a health-supportive environment, achieve a good quality of life, provide basic sanitation and hygiene needs and supply access to health care.

The programme aims to improve public health of a city and to encourage the implementation of health campaigns, events and programmes. 

Campaigns like the collaboration with the Tobacco Control Programme which then resulted in tobacco free cities.

The Healthy Cities programme also ties in with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which heightens the priority of the programme on national agendas.

Most of the Saudi Arabian cities in the programme have been provided with the infrastructure by the government. The government are striving towards having three cities within the top 100 most livable in the world. 

But it is not just the government who are investing in the scheme. Community participation has increased in local decision making processes. Residents, non-government organisations and the private sector are all engaged in promoting the programme.

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