Health Warnings Caused by Bushfires


Sarah Peddie

Smoke from the bushfires sweeping across the east coast of Australia have caused hazardous air pollution in the Queensland and New South Wales states.

There are now warnings from authorities to residents in the regions that they should not underestimate the damaging effects that the smoke can create on health.

Many residents living in the Queensland state have been told to leave the area. 

There are still around 80 fires active in each of the two states mentioned above and they are expected to continue.

The smoke from all the fires are causing a “hazardous” amount of pollution in the skies, according to the environment department.

The latest air quality index rating in the east of Sydney measured at 221 micrograms which is ‘very unhealthy’ on the scale. Elsewhere, in lower Hunter’s, it is even higher with 306 micrograms in the worst state which is considered ‘hazardous’.

Dust has also been a major factor that has contributed to the poor air quality on the east coast.

There is talk from scientists and experts that the fire season in the country has gotten longer and more intense due to climate change.

The Bureau of Meteorology's State of the Climate 2018 report states that climate change was the reason to increased levels of extreme heat events and it raised the chance of other natural disasters such as drought.

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