Getting Your Dream Job - The Job Interview


Sarah Peddie

Here at Odyssey, we like to think that we are helping you apply for your dream job overseas. Despite the overwhelming positives thoughts you may have about your dream job there are always things to consider before making the move. 

We have put together a guide for you which should help you along the way when thinking about or applying for your dream job.

Article 4 - The Job Interview 

Once you have sent in your application to a job that you desire, you will hear back from the employer whether you have been successful and got an interview. There are many things that you can do to help you along with the interviewing process and make sure you secure the job of your dreams. 

The interviewing process is arguably the most important part of getting a job. This is where you can prove that you are the right candidate for the job and make yourself stand out from the others going for the same position. 

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to your dream job.

1 - Prepare for video interviews

If you are moving overseas to work and are situated in a different country to the one you want to work in, then you will most likely have to go through many video interviews throughout the process. 

Being prepared for something like an interview over Skype is very important.This should be treated like any other job interview you have done before. 

Practising, dressing appropriately and having good communication skills are just some of the attributes you should consider when preparing for a job interview over video call. There are more tips in a recent article we posted here.

2 - Site visits

If you are already based in the country you have applied to work in then there are also some things you can prepare for.

You may already know the area well but before heading into the interview, visit the site a few days before so you know where you are going and how to get to the place you need to go.

Punctuality is crucial when it comes to making a good impression and being late for an interview because you cannot find your way around will not give away a good impression to your potential future employers.  

It will also give you an idea and a good look at the place you could potentially be working in, in the near future. 

3 - Background research

Before your interview you might want to do some background research into the place that you have applied for a job with. Doing some research will give you some information about the hospital and the area it is in. This can be helpful as you can ask questions in the interview about anything you have seen in your research. 

This will also make you look very engaging and impress employers with your knowledge of the area and/or hospital. 

4 - Be enthusiastic and stand out

One thing to make sure to do when you sit down for a job interview in person or over Skype is be enthusiastic and make sure you stand out from all the other candidates.

Nobody wants to hire an employee that is only half-hearted about the job they are applying for, so make sure you show your enthusiasm.

If you have any attributes that you think would make you stand out from the other candidates then do not be afraid to tell the employers. Many of them see hundreds of the same standard CVs, so show them a bit of your personality. 

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