$300m Upgrades Set for New Zealand Hospital


Sarah Peddie

A hospital in the Taranaki territory of New Zealand is set for a major upgrade as the government plans to invest $300 million on the project.

The funding has come from the $1.7 billion that was set aside by the NZ Government to upgrade the health facilities and hospitals across the country in the budget.

The Taranaki hospital in New Plymouth, situated on the North Island of the country, is set to for a modern upgrade so it can reflect and support the high quality service the hospital gives, according to the Health Minister David Clark. 

The Health Minister also pointed out that the hospital would get a five star rating on the Greenstar certification which means that it will be very energy efficient. 

A new emergency department and a helipad will be built during the process of upgrading the facilities. A new wing within the hospital will also be built and will include a new intensive care unit and a maternity facility. 

The laboratory and radiology services will also be receiving an upgrade. A new morgue will be built as well.

David Clark said that the upgrades will give the people in the Taranaki region confidence that the hospital can give them the treatment they need in the future. 

The construction is set to begin between the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. 

The new wing will be set to open by 2023. 

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