What You Need to Know Before Moving to Singapore


Sarah Peddie

Planning to move and work abroad can be a tricky business. There are many things that you need to sort out before arriving at your dream destination. 

But, no need to worry as we have put together some helpful information you need to know before you make your move to another country and start your new career overseas.

Article 9 - What You Need to Know Before Moving to Singapore

1 - Medical Registration

To work in the medical sector in Singapore you must apply for medical registration with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). To practise in the country you need a medical registration and a practising certificate. 

The average time to process a registration is around three to four weeks once the online application has been sent. If your application has been approved, you will then be required to appear at the Medical Council office in Singapore. 

Non-residents of Singapore have to apply for a work pass before they can start to work in the country. If you have a work pass then there is no need to apply for a visa. There are many different types of work passes. Visit the Ministry of Manpower’s website to find out what pass you are eligible for. 

2 - Healthcare 

Singapore’s healthcare is usually said to be up there as one of the best in the world. With the healthcare coming at a very high standard, non-residents are not entitled to government subsidies and will have to pay in full for any care or treatment received.

However, it is mandatory that citizens and permanent residents get some sort of subsidies off their healthcare bills.  

3 - Education

As English is one of the official languages spoken in Singapore, expats and their children have a lot of choices when it comes to what type of school to go to. 

There is a choice between international or local schools - international schools will offer the national curriculum of the country they represent. The local Singaporean schools will make international students sit an admission exercise which will test English skills as well as their skills in mathematics. 

4 - Climate 

Singapore has a very hot and humid climate due to its geographical location just above the equator which give the city state its tropical climate. There are no clear seasons as it is warm and humid all year round. Rain is quite regular even during the non-monsoon season.

The average temperature is 25-31°C with April being the warmest month of the calendar year. January is the coolest month and November is the wettest. 

5 - Transport 

Driving is considered a luxury in Singapore as it is very expensive to have a car and use it. Due to the small amount of space on the streets, the amount of cars on the road is regulated. It is a better idea to adapt to the way the locals get around the city and use public transport.

The best way to get around is by using the metro (MTR). The MTR is probably the most reliable and substantial means of public transport in the city state for commuters getting to work.

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