City Centre Blaze Sparks Health Warnings


Sarah Peddie

Health warnings have been issued in the New Zealand city of Auckland due to a massive fire in the city centre. 

The fire that started on the roof of the building, caused the evacuation of SkyCity Entertainment Group’s complex which includes hotels, casinos, restaurants and neighbouring apartments. 

Firefighters have been tackling the blaze for the past 48 hours, the fire is smouldering but the wind is making it occasionally start up. 

Residents in Auckland have been told to shut their windows and to turn off the air conditioning due to the blaze in the city centre. 

Office workers in central Auckland have been told to work from home until the smoke has dispersed completely as it was causing minor health problems to the people working and living in the city.

Breathing in the harmful smoke particles and gases can be harmful. Smoke inhalation can inflame your lungs and airway, causing them to swell and block oxygen.It can then lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

Visitors to the city have been told to wear face masks if they are entering the area affected by the smoke.

Many of the residents have reported that they have been coughing and have sore throats from the smoke.

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