World's First Fitbit Health Project


Sarah Peddie

Fitbit has teamed up with the Singapore Health Promotion Board as they undertake a healthy population project in the city-state.

The health project is part of the country’s smart nation initiative which is aimed at helping to future-proof the economy and help local enterprises to go digital. 

Live Healthy SG will use Fitbit’s wearable devices and services, which will include programmes, guidance and one-on-one health coaching to provide people with a personalised health experience. 

Participants will also have the option to share their own data from their Fitbit with the Health Promotion Board. This will provide insight and contribute to more health promotion programmes. The project can only gain access to participant data if consent is given

The programme is set to launch in October this year but Singaporeans will be able to pre-register for it in mid-September.

Other major projects have been set up as part of the smart nation initiative which helps local businesses and will create thousands of new jobs within the city-state. 

The team’s main focus is on both enterprise and consumer technology, which can help companies to find opportunities in the mobile-first Asian market. Also building new products and services such as artificial intelligence and cloud. 

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