What You Need to Know Before Moving to Canada


Sarah Peddie

Planning to move and work abroad can be a tricky business. There are many things that you need to sort out before arriving at your dream destination. 

But, no need to worry as we have put together some helpful information you need to know before you make your move to another country and start your new career overseas.

Article 1 - What You Need to Know Before Moving to Canada

1 - Choosing the Right Visa For You

If you want to work in Canada then you must have a visa which will grant you permission to be in the country. There are a few different visa classifications and you must make sure you’ve selected the right visa for you.

But first, you need to understand how their immigration system works. In Canada, they work with a skills points system which allows candidates to accumulate points based on skills, work experience and educational background. You need to have 1200 points to be eligible to apply for a work visa.

The type of work permit visa you apply for will depend on the kind of work you do. However, there is a way for skilled workers to enter the country, and even methods for your families to come along with you under the family visa. Express Entry visas are part of the Canada Express Entry Program designed by the Government where people can apply from all over the world to apply for immigration based on their specific skills.  

The application process can take from two to 15 days. 

For medical professionals, you will also want to use Physiciansapply.ca.

This is a new centralised system to gather all important documents required to practice medicine in Canada. It’s an online web portal to support International and Canadian medical graduates, as well as practising physicians, wherever they may be.

Once your documents are in, checked and verified, it is easy to share them and send applications directly and securely from one place. 

2 - Accomodation 

It will take time to actually buy a house in Canada. It is highly recommended to arrange temporary housing or rent a property before making your move.

Check out the area your job is in and have a look for places close to it.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is a good place for assistance with making living arrangements online. 

3 - Cost of Living

In Canada, you can enjoy high wages and a low cost of living in the big cities. This means you can live a comfortable lifestyle in Canada. When compared to consumer prices in London, places like Toronto are much lower and a lot cheaper. 

4 - Healthcare System

All citizens and permanent residents are eligible for public health insurance, which will cover most medical issues.

For people who just entered the country, the level of coverage depends on your immigration status. New immigrants will have limited access to free medical care and will most likely have to pay for some treatments. 

5 - Education

In Canada, there is no federal department for education. However, each individual province and territory has its own educational system. 

As the country is bilingual, there are French speaking schools are all over the country. There are plenty of choices between public and private schools as well.

6 - Climate

Canada is officially the second largest country in the world, behind Russia. It has six different time zones which means different parts of the country has different climates.  

The northern two-thirds of the country get very cold winters and short, cool summers. The more central southern area has very hot summers and very cold winters. Ontario and Quebec have a very hot and humid summers and snowy winters. Everywhere apart from the west coast has a winter season with average temperatures dipping below freezing.

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