Growing High Tech Hub in Toronto


Sarah Peddie

The Canadian city of Toronto is becoming one of the biggest high tech hubs in North America and will keep expanding.

Due to Canadian Immigration policies, US companies are expanding into Toronto to bring in talented workers in from overseas. 

Tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft already have job openings in the city and this will likely expand in the future. Microsoft have announced that they will be opening up a new headquarters in 2020 which is likely to produce 500 full-time jobs and 500 internships. 

According to the CBRE’s 2019 report, Scoring Tech Talent, Toronto has seen the most gain in tech graduates over the past five years. It is also reported that there were 80,100 tech jobs created in the city. 

65% of American companies said they prefer the Canadian Immigration policy over the US, a recent survey showed. More than half have considered moving to Canada or already have made the move. 

Over 300 US companies took part in Envoy Global’s 2019 Immigration Trends Report. 63% said they were increasing their presence in Canada.

35% of them said they were transferring current employees and were also hiring people from overseas. 15% were just hiring foreign nationals and only 13% were sending current employees to work in Canada. 

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