Five Lessons From an Emergency Physician


Sarah Peddie

Navpreet Sahsi is an emergency physician, currently working in Toronto, who has his own personal blog about his experiences in the medical profession - Physician, Heal Thyself.

He has written the top five lessons to take from working as an emergency physician. 

So here are Dr Sahsi’s five lessons:

1 - Life is Too Short

Dr Sahsi reckons this is the biggest lesson to take away. When you are working in ER, you are constantly reminded of how short our lives really are.

Working in an emergency room will impact on how you make decisions in your own life. So, take that trip you’ve always wanted to take or start doing a hobby you have always fancied doing.

2 - Don’t Put Things Off

Everything could be going so well and all of a sudden, an illness or injury can change your life forever. 

The future is never guaranteed.

If you want to accomplish something in life then do it now. Don’t put it off and sacrifice a better tomorrow.

3 - Kindness 

Being kind does not cost anything and patients who give you a smile and appreciate your work will make your day a lot more pleasant and easier.

Being kind to others will improve interaction with patients. A simple act of kindness can boost someone’s day.

4 - People Want to Be Heard

In ER you will deal with all sorts of people with different physical and mental states. Patients can become quite aggressive at times due to unwanted tests or waiting times but try not to let that ruin your shift.

You have to remember that the patient is in a very vulnerable position and it should put things into perspective for you and feel more empathetic towards the patient. 

5 - It Could Be Worse

No matter how bad you think your day is going, there will always be others worse off. You are a lot luckier than some people in this world and you should not take that for granted. 

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