Digital Healthcare Plans Go Ahead in Australia


Sarah Peddie

The medical research sector in Western Australia plan to deliver the first digital healthcare programme, after being awarded a State Government grant.

The University of Western Australia is one of the many partners in the medical research sector that will develop the state’s very first digital health programme. 

The programme is designed to help and support education programmes in digital health commercialisation. 

What is Digital Health?

Digital health is the concept of using technology to help improve the health and wellbeing of individuals. The technology side can cover anything from mobile apps, wearable devices and even artificial intelligence.

UWA Professor Kevin Pfleger, Director of the Western Australia Life Sciences Innovation Hub spoke about the benefits of the programme and said: “The project will enable a team of innovators to observe unmet clinical needs firsthand here in Western Australia and work up potential digital health solutions.

“The benefit for the community will be improving healthcare for Western Australia patients as well as developing critical skills to support the growing needs of the sector.”

The Main Aims of Digital Health:

1. Reduce inefficiencies

2. Improve access

3. Increase quality

4. Make medicine more personalised for patients

5. Reduce costs

The Sustainable Health Review recently brought out by the Department of Health in Western Australia showed that digital healthcare is an area where investment is needed. It highlighted that digital healthcare is a great opportunity to improve the healthcare system and patient outcomes as well. 

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