14 Hospitals Closed Down This Year in the USA

healthcare worker

Sarah Peddie

A closure of hospitals is sweeping across the United States of America as 14 big hospitals have already closed this year, with more set to close down.

The number of hospital closures is set to rise as more are set to shut their doors and this is due to a number of different factors affecting the hospitals. The majority of closures are due to financial difficulties which put the hospital out of business. 

Due to the closures, a lot of the hospital staff have had to be made redundant and are now out of a job.

Here is the list of the hospitals that have closed down and the reasons why:

Oswego Community Hospital - Kansas

This hospital which is owned by EmpowerHMS had to close its two clinics on 14 February as it wasn’t bringing in enough revenue to pay staff and other expenses. 

UPMC Pinnacle Lancaster - Pennsylvania 

This hospital closed their doors on 28 February and planned to relocate to another UPMC Pinnacle hospital just seven miles away. The move of inpatient and emergency care was moved over to UPMC Pinnacle Lititz. 70% of employees kept their jobs within the transition.

Cumberland River Hospital - Tennessee

Officially closed on 1 March, this hospital had to close its doors due to the financial challenges is faced. Due to declining reimbursements, the hospital had suffered significant losses and the patient volume was decreasing. 

Georgiana Medical Center - Alabama 

Closed on the 8 March, This hospital was also struggling with growing costs and cuts to reimbursements. 

Horton Community Hospital - Kansas

Another hospital owned by the group EmpowerHMS closed on 12 March. The 25-bed critical access hospital had to close down as they could not pay utilities or the payroll. 

Kentuckiana Medical Center - Indiana 

Closed on 5 April due to years of financial losses.

Belmont Community Hospital - Ohio

This 99-bed hospital also closed on 5 April but this was due to the decrease in patient numbers.

Providence Hospital - Washington D.C.

After 158 years of service, this hospital closed down on 30 April as the company who owned the hospital wanted to invest their money elsewhere in things like homecare and telehealth. 

Mercy Hospital El Reno - Oklahoma 

This hospital also closed its doors on 30 April due to a decline in the number of patients which then lead to financial difficulties. 

De Queen Medical Center - Arkansas

This hospital stopped providing care back in February, then filed for bankruptcy in April and closed down 7 May. Another EmpowerHMS owned hospital that had to close due to financial difficulty. 

Jamestown Regional Medical Center - Tennessee 

The hospital closed down on 13 June. The 85-bed hospital shut down abruptly just one day after its Medicare and Medicaid funding was cut off.

Chillicothe Hospital - Texas

Decreasing reimbursements and a decline in patient numbers forced this critical access hospital to close down on 22 July. 

Sitka Community Hospital - Alaska

Since this hospital has closed down, has now been integrated into the Mt. Edgecumbe Medical Center which is a 25-bed critical access hospital. 

Hamlin Memorial Hospital - Texas

Closed down on 31 July due to financial challenges, decline in patient volume and cuts to reimbursements. 

More hospitals are set to close including Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia which is closing on 6 September. The hospital is facing some serious financial difficulties and no solution has been found. The hospital cannot continue with the amount of money they are losing and keep the business running. 

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