July 19 Oman News Roundup


Fraser Clarke

Healthcare Excellence Recognised

A number of Oman’s leading private healthcare private healthcare facilities have been recognised and rewarded at an awards ceremony held this week.

According to the country’s government, the awards will pay tribute to facilities in the Sultanate that work to the highest possible international standards, whilst boosting the competitive nature of the marketplace to provide outstanding outcomes for patients.

Further to this there are also awards for staff and facilities who have been involved in research projects, and those who encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the Sultanate.

Given its commitment to healthcare, and enhancing these goals, Oman could be one of the best locations in the region for a longer-term move.

Kidney Workshop

Oman’s Ministry of Health organised a two-day training workshop on kidney treatment last month.

The event was run by the department for non-communicable diseases, in tandem with the Centre for Continual Professional Development and covered a wide range of topics, with guest speakers also giving lecturers on the area being studied.

Peritoneal dialysis was one of the biggest focuses, with studies on methodologies and strategies surrounding the technique being brought under the microscope. Further to this, lectures were carried out focusing on how to create a positive learning and teaching environment for young medics, along with how to manage and prevent peritonitis.

Kidney issues in Oman appear to be on the rise, with almost 1,700 Omanis affected by related conditions each year.

Record Wage Growth

Wages in Oman have grown at a faster rate than in any other Arab nation a new report has shown.

In the state council’s findings, wages in Oman have grown by 11.4% over the past decade, highlighting the increasing strength of the Sultanate’s finances in a challenging economic climate.

Speaking about the findings, Dr Said Al Muharrami of the country’s economic committee, said: “This wage growth is almost twice the increase in salaries when compared to the country that was ranked second in the region, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recorded a wage increase of just 6.4% over the corresponding period. The study by the state council did not only look at wages, but also how much the government invests in education, health, and housing in Oman.”

He continued: “When it comes to human development, Oman came in as the fifth best Arab country and 48th globally according to the UN's Human Development report for 2018. Oman is working to develop people and make sure they have everything they need to live a good life and help progress the country.”

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