Ireland's Healthcare Quality Rated


Fraser Clarke

Patients suffering cardiac issues in the Republic of Ireland could find their outcomes affected by their location according to a new report.

The National Healthcare Quality Report showed clear inequalities in patients’ survival chances throughout the country, however it has been warned that these may not directly reflect the quality of care on offer.

A range of other factors, namely an area’s demographics, travelling time and general health could also contribute to what initially appears to be a postcode lottery.

Overall however the Irish system is said to be performing well, with a range of positives highlighted by the Department of Health.

84% of patients felt as if they were treated with dignity and respect, whilst 86% received surgery for hip fractures within two days of being admitted.

Furthermore, the country’s hospitalisation rates for heart failure are below the international average, and over half of eligible individuals have now been screened for bowel cancer.

It wasn’t all positive though, with diabetes rates nationally following global trends by rising, and only 35% of patients saying that they received adequate emotional support whilst in hospital.

The report was released at the same time as Paul Reid was appointed as the country’s new Director General of the Health Service Executive, and he has already outlined plans to further develop community based healthcare services to ease the strain on acute facilities.

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