Influenza Down Despite Deaths


Sarah Peddie

Influenza appears to be on the decline in Western Australia experts say, despite four deaths in the past week. 

What is Influenza?

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus. The infection attacks your nose, throat and lungs and can be life-threatening for some population groups. 

Last year there had been over 2,000 cases and five deaths linked with the virus in the region. 

The WA Health Department revealed that the State’s Influenza related deaths have hit 52 this year. 

The number of Influenza cases has reached 19,327, which is a 926 percent increase from last year.

However, the Health Department has warned not to compare the number of cases from last year as the season began two months earlier than the year before. 

“As previously said, the influenza season in WA has hit early,” a spokesperson said.

“The peak influenza season in WA is generally between July and September each year.

“The department cannot predict if these numbers will remain high for the duration of the usual season, or if we have seen an early peak.”

Getting the vaccination would not prevent someone from coming down with the flu. However, people are still encouraged to get the vaccine as it is the best protection against the virus.

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