Heat Advice Issued in UAE


Fraser Clarke

Medics in the UAE have reminded residents of the dangers related to the intense heat, with temperatures set to soar this month.

The mercury is expected to reach 45°C throughout July, whilst humidity could drop to a stifling 30% - meaning that most people will spend their days indoors throughout the month.

Despite most residents being aware of the dangers, advice has still been issued to try and ensure that those in the country are able to avoid potentially serious issues.

Hyperthermia, where the body’s temperature rises out with its normal range and above 40°C can lead to a range of symptoms, with some of them potentially life threatening in those with underlying health conditions.

In these cases the skin can become dry and hot, with severe headaches, dizziness, fatigue, quicker than normal breathing, fainting and seizures all becoming potentially serious issues.

Heat exhaustion and heat cramps, although less severe, are also potential issues - although that doesn’t mean you should instantly dart for a cool air-conditioned building either.

Stepping directly from the outside heat into the cool surroundings of an air-conditioned shop, workplace or home makes it easier for viruses to spread, whilst it has also been linked to joint and muscle pain.

As a result, the UAE’s Ministry of Health has issued advice on how to avoid any potential issues; this includes avoiding leaving children in vehicles, always ensuring that you are properly hydrated and wearing loose, lightweight clothing.

The intense heat is expected to last until late August, when temperatures should return to more bearable levels.

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