China Plans to Raise Healthy Years


Fraser Clarke

China’s Government has revealed that it hopes to raise healthy life expectancy by a ‘moderately great extent’ by 2030.

Healthy life expectancy is not to be confused with life expectancy, instead providing an insight into to provide a more representative insight into the overall health of the population - with the impact of long-term health conditions better represented.

China’s healthy life expectancy at birth is already impressive, with newborns in the country now likely to enjoy 68.7 years of healthy life - a figure greater than those in the USA.

Despite this however the country remains keen to improve over the next decade, with a range of plans in place to further improve the health of the nation.

This includes an increased push for early cancer screening and diagnosis, with more standardised treatments set to be available at grassroots facilities, increased research and faster approval times for vital medications - with aims to push the five-year cancer survival rate from 40.5% to 46.6% by 2030.

Further to this the country is targeting non-communicable diseases - by focusing on the lifestyle related decisions; such as a poor diet, smoking and a lack of exercise that can put individuals at a higher risk.

As part of this the country looks set to follow the lead taken by other nations, through the introduction of unbranded cigarette packaging - with the idea already said to have been successful in the UK.

Pollution is also being targeted, with China’s high rates of respiratory issues closely linked to the unhealthy air that blankets some of the major cities, leading to proposals being introduced for a new system to monitor and control the air quality.

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