Cancer Care App in Australia


Fraser Clarke

A team at Deakin University’s School of Medicine and Nursing in Victoria, Australia, have developed a new mobile application for people caring for cancer patients.

Known as ‘Carer Guide’, the new app has recently completed a 30 day pilot programme with colorectal cancer patients in the region, and the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.

It is hoped that the technology will allow carers easy access to reliable information, along with a quick way to contact help should it be required in a challenging situation.

Usability and accessibility are its two key features, with the team keen to provide software that can be found easily in stressful times, or in more casual moments - such as when waiting on an appointment or travelling on public transport.

Although seemingly a relatively simple development in an era where it feels as if there’s an app for almost everything, the team believe that their software will be the very first designed exclusively for people caring for cancer patients.

Plans are now in place to trial the app nationally, in order to decide whether or not it could be able to meet Cancer patients needs throughout Australia.

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