5 Reasons to Move to Oman


Fraser Clarke and Sarah Peddie

Making a decision on where your future lies can be a daunting prospect, with research often the key to deciding which location is right for you.

To try and make things easier we’ve compiled these little guides - each looking at reasons why your future could lie in a select number of locations we work with.

Article 8 - Five Reasons Why Your Future Lies in Oman

1 - Plenty of Incentives

A move to Oman can come with plenty of incentives, as the country attempts to try and attract the highest possible standard of international talent.

Salary packages are generous and accommodation or an accommodation allowance will usually be provided. Muscat’s relatively small size also makes it possible to get plenty for your money - with large out of town developments offering an excellent quality of life.

2 - Stable and Growing

Whilst other locations in the Middle East have started to see their economy slowing, Oman’s has remained stable and secure.

Unlike areas in the UAE, Qatar and other neighbouring Gulf States, Oman has not been hyper-developed at an unsustainable rate - meaning that the Sultanate’s economy is stable, and job security is much higher than elsewhere throughout the region.

3 - Large Expat Population, and Friendly Locals

Due to a large expat population in Oman it is easy to make friends. There are a number of social clubs and organisations that expats can join and meet new people, especially in Muscat.

There are things to do for everyone to do in Oman. There are clubs, bars and malls for the younger generation, for people who prefer the outdoors there are plenty of things to do from hiking in the mountains to camping in the desert. 

The Omani people are very kind and welcoming, whilst making an effort to learn Arabic is well received by the locals.

4 - Stunning Scenery

Oman is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the Gulf; home to rugged mountains, stunning coastlines and a rich culture.

From walks along quiet unspoilt beaches,to mountainous safaris in the Western Hajar mountains near Muscat, there really is something in Oman for everyone who values a stunning natural environment.

5 - Cost of Living

The cost of living in Oman depends on your location. The cost of living in a city like Muscat is a lot higher than neighbouring regions. However, salaries are adjusted to this.

Eating Asian and Omani foods can be extremely cheap compared to eating Western food which can be very expensive.

Fuel and cars are cheap in Oman compared to the West. Buying a car could turn out cheaper in the long-run as buses and taxis are the only mode of public transport - so having a car would be helpful for visiting rural areas.