Your Future in Saudi Arabia


Fraser Clarke

Making a decision on where your future lies can be a daunting prospect, with research often the key to deciding which location is right for you.

To try and make things easier we’ve compiled these little guides - each looking at reasons why your future could lie in a selected number of locations we work with.

Article 2 - Five Reasons Why Your Future Lies in Saudi Arabia

1 - Stability

Whilst various other parts of the Gulf region are experiencing economic slowdown as a result of the oil-price drop, Saudi Arabia remains home to one of the most stable financial sectors in the Middle East.

That means that, whilst facilities in previously thriving hubs like Dubai, are cutting staff numbers as demand drops, many facilities in Saudi are actually doing the opposite. The future looks bright.

2 - Outstanding Facilities

Outsiders may have the image of Saudi Arabia as a dusty, somewhat backwards location. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Desert Kingdom is home to a number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited facilities - all of which offer high Western standards of care to their patients.

If you’re concerned that a move to Saudi Arabia could be like taking a step back in time then don’t fret. We only work with facilities that can prove they operate to the highest possible standards.

3 - Growth of Liberal Beliefs

Saudi Arabia is known, somewhat infamously, for a range of strict rules and laws that restrict the freedom of everyday life. Gradually however these are lifting, and the Kingdom is becoming increasingly liberal.

The famed ban on female drivers has been lifted, whilst the Religious Police no longer have the power they once did. Laws (and punishments for breaking them) are still strict by Western standards, but attitudes are changing.

4 - Financial Rewards

It goes without saying that a move to Saudi Arabia can be extremely financially rewarding. Not only does the Kingdom offer some of the highest tax-free salaries for medics available anywhere in the world, the cost of living is also low - whilst many employers will provide accommodation and transport.

Even spending just five years in the country can boost your financial outlook hugely, potentially making a move an extremely lucrative one for someone keen for long-term financial security.

5 - High Standard of Living

Of course life in Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to be too frugal and, for not a lot of outlay, you can enjoy a high standard of living. Many expats choose to live in compounds, where they have more freedom to live as they wish - and these can often offer high quality accommodation, plenty of social groups and even on-site restaurants.

Furthermore the country is ideally positioned for exploring the rest of the region, so if a few days in Dubai or a quiet weekend in Muscat would be of interest then Saudi Arabia would be perfect.

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