UAE Government to Boost Life Quality


Fraser Clarke

The United Arab Emirates’ Government has launched a new programme aimed at improving the quality of life of everyone living in the country.

Known as the ‘National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031’ the 12 year long campaign will see over 90 new projects introduced that are aimed at improving the; ‘physical, psychological and digital health of future generations.’

The programme will be split into three categories: Individuals, society and country - with each containing components and objectives that should allow residents and citizens to live healthier and more fulfilling lives in the Emirates.

A pioneering National Wellbeing Observatory will also be set to regularly monitor and report on the health of the nation, with a focus placed on encouraging healthy lifestyles, tackling mental illness and encouraging those in the country to start to adopt a more positive outlook on life.

Further to this the new campaign aims to stress the importance of strong family connections, and is hopeful that it will be able to increase the attractiveness of cities throughout the nation to overseas workers. 

In spite of the oil-price slowdown, the UAE remains an extremely attractive destination to call home. Both the public and private medical sector are home to some high class facilities, whilst salaries and the standard of living remains high.

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