Diabetes and Cancer Links Explored


Fraser Clarke

Researchers in China has shown that a link exists between type-2 diabetes and Cancer, however it seems to affect males and females very differently.

According to the findings, which were compiled over a three year period by a team of medics from the Shanghai Jiao Tang University of Medicine, and studied more than 400,000 adults between the ages of 20 and 99 with diabetes, males with the condition had a 34% greater chance of being diagnosed with Cancer, whilst the risk rate for females was 62% higher.

Perhaps their most insightful finding however was that males with diabetes had an 86% greater risk of prostate cancer than non-diabetics.

For females with diabetes meanwhile the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer was far higher, whilst the chances of developing cancer of the liver, esophagus, thyroid, lungs, and pancreas, as well as lymphoma, uterine cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach cancer were also far greater.

Interestingly however the risk of developing gallbladder cancer was actually lower in diabetic females than it was in non-diabetics, although it’s not known if a clear link is able to be established there.

The final research paper, published in the journal of diabetes, shows that China can expect to see a growth in the number of cases of diabetes related cancer - with the country’s prevalence of diabetics and pre-diabetics officially classified as ‘very high’ in the latest data.

Paying tribute to Shanghai’s advanced data gathering database, co-author Bin Cui, said: “The Shanghai Hospital Link Center has collected clinical information from the main general and specialized hospitals and created a centralized data repository for all residents in Shanghai since 2013.

“Based on this our research could be carried out smoothly and efficiently.”

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