5 Reasons to Move to the UAE


Fraser Clarke

Making a decision on where your future lies can be a daunting prospect, with research often the key to deciding which location is right for you.

To try and make things easier we’ve compiled these little guides - each looking at reasons why your future could lie in a select number of locations we work with.

Article 5 - Five Reasons Why Your Future Lies in the United Arab Emirates

1 - Healthcare is a Societal Pillar

Whilst much of the press coverage around the UAE’s current financial situation is focused on the slow down of the global oil price, attention in the Emirates is closely focused on driving the country’s economy forward - and healthcare has become a key player in this.

The UAE is determined to make the country home to the highest quality healthcare sector in the Middle East, further boosting its reputation as a major health tourism destination - whilst attracting the highest possible calibre of medical professionals.

As a result there are plenty of cutting-edge new facilities, whilst healthcare providers are always striving to outdo their immediate competition. 

2 - Ten Year Visa

The UAE recently introduced a ten-year visa, in an attempt to grow its attraction to some of the world’s leading specialists in a range of key industries. The criteria is strict, aimed at singling out the specialist talent the country requires. As a result the system will be open to investors, and specialists in the medical, scientific, technical, research and engineering fields.

There are two main reasons for the new visa system’s introduction at this moment in time.

Firstly the Emirates are keen to continue developing areas away from oil, and this makes it vital that it attracts the world’s leading talent in other fields. By offering long-term security, high wages and the opportunity to shape the country’s future, hopes are high that a move will be too attractive for many to turn down.

The second reason is far simpler. If people have the security of a long-term future in the country then they should be more inclined to invest in property, giving the slow market a much needed boost.

3 - Tax Free Income

It goes without saying that finances can be a major attraction to the United Arab Emirates, with the country renowned worldwide for offering a tax-free income. On top of this accommodation and education allowances can make a move extremely rewarding.

Despite this however it is worth considering the cost of living - especially in the major hubs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Prices can be around 30% higher than in London, so before committing to a relocation it’s worth considering the overall cost of living, not just the benefits of a tax-free salary.

4 - Professional Opportunities

The UAE is a great location for anyone keen to develop themselves professionally - and not just thanks to the high quality of medical facilities on offer. As it continues to strive for medical excellence, the Emirates has placed a real focus on hosting high quality conferences and investing in research.

Combined these can allow you to meet and network with key players from the global healthcare industry, compare research findings and work on exciting new projects. Some people fear that a move to the UAE may lead to them becoming deskilled, however that needn’t be a concern.

5 - High Quality of Life

Whilst admittedly often coming at a cost, the United Arab Emirates does offer an extremely high quality of life. From luxurious compound villas, to impressive high-rise apartments, the Emirates (especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi) know how to do luxury.

Dubai is also regularly ranked as one of the top five locations globally to call home, whilst the Emirates as a whole normally comes well inside the top ten in HSBC’s annual ‘ExpatExplorer’ report.

If you’re looking for a better quality of life then the UAE can be a great place to call home.

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