Your Future in China


Fraser Clarke

Making a decision on where your future lies can be a daunting prospect, with research often the key to deciding which location is right for you.

To try and make things a little easier we’ve compiled these little guides - looking at reasons why your future could lie in a selected number of locations we work with.

Article 1 - Five Reasons Why Your Future Lies in China

1 - Become a Leader

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of working in China is the opportunity it provides to become a leader.

The Chinese healthcare sector is growing at a remarkable rate and, as a result, there is an extremely high demand for skilled, experienced medics to lead the development of new facilities and departments - as well as training the country’s next generation of medical professionals.

If you’re interested in having a real say in how a department is founded, or making a lasting impact on the future of healthcare, then China is the perfect location.

2 - Recent Development

Over the past 20 or so years China has developed into a real global superpower. Rapid development had lead to large scale immigration and the growth of a new middle class - and, as a result, there is a demand for high quality healthcare.

Many of the top facilities operate out of high class, recently built developments - whilst the major expat hubs like Shanghai and Guangzhou are now home to a range of exciting attractions for visitors.

3 - Futureproof

Unlike nations in the Gulf region which are often reliant on exports such as oil, a move to China should be relatively futureproof - with the country’s economy looking stable and plenty of exciting plans in place to further enhance healthcare in the future.

Asia in general appears likely to be the next continent to experience a real financial boom - with the region already becoming a hub for manufacturing and financial services, however this looks likely to take off in the near future.

4 - Unique Culture

The first warning we would have is that China is not an ideal location for a first-time expat. Expect a totally different way of life and plenty of culture shock if you make the move. 

For those who do feel ready however, China is a superb location to explore. Home to a truly unique and historic culture, it can provide expats with the experience of a lifetime. If exploring new environments is a strong motivation for moving, then China can be absolutely ideal.

5 - Low Cost of Living

Aside from the professional and culturally benefits of a move comes the more practical side - the cost of living. Even in the hyper-modern metropolis of Shanghai the cost of living is around half that of London, with plenty of fresh local food and produce available at extremely low prices.

Transport, rent and utilities are all far cheaper than they are in most large Western locations and, although salaries aren’t at tax-free Gulf levels, they are still more than enough to afford a very pleasant standard of living.

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