Our Guide to Video Interviews


Fraser Clarke

If you’re considering a move overseas then it’s highly likely that a video interview will form part of the recruitment process. Many people see this as a more relaxed and informal way of speaking to a prospective employer, but there are still some rules to follow to ensure that you make the right impression.

1 - Practice

It goes without saying that practice makes perfect, however that really is the case when it comes to  video interviews. Initially you could feel uncomfortable, remote and lacking attachment with the person on the screen - and that’s why it’s important to practice video interviews in advance.

Speaking to a family member, friend or colleague over a service like Skype or Facetime can allow you to spot any potential issues (such as a poor internet connection, harsh lighting or audio problems) and address them without feeling under pressure. Further to this the more time you spend in front of a camera, the more natural it will become.

2 - Dress for success

Many people believe that video interviews are less formal than face-to-face meetings, and thus it isn’t as important to look the part - but this belief is incorrect. 

It’s vital that you create a positive first impression, and being well dressed and presented is key to creating the sort of professional image you want to display. Even if the interview is taking place at an unusual hour or during the weekend, ensure that you are as well turned out as you can be.

3 - Camera friendly

When you’re on a video call it’s very easy to fall into the trap of just focusing at the screen when you’re talking. Not only does this feel more natural because you can see who you’re speaking to, it also allows you to gauge their body language.

In most computers however this isn’t the best plan, as it will appear as if you are unable to look them in the eye. Instead try and look into the webcam itself as if you’re looking at the person. It will make you appear more genuine and comfortable with what is being discussed.

4  - Be there in advance

Just because the interview is taking place in your kitchen doesn’t mean you can turn up bang on the start-time. Video calling can be unreliable with technical issues often disrupting the interview getting underway. 

As a result we’d recommend being prepared to ‘go live’ at least ten minutes in advance. Make sure that the door is closed to avoid any unwanted visitors, the lighting is right and there are no distracting background sounds. Not only is this good practice, it’s also an excellent way to show your enthusiasm for the role.

5 - Communicate intelligently

Communicating over video calls can be difficult at the best of times, so throw in a potential language barrier and the usual nerves of a job interview and it becomes a recipe for a stressful disaster.

Speak slowly and clearly to avoid anything being lost as the signal fluctuates. Further to this leave a short gap between the interviewer speaking and you starting - just in case they are going to add anything that has been impacted by a delay on the line.

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