5 Reasons Why Your Future Lies in Malta


Fraser Clarke

Making a decision on where your future lies can be a daunting prospect, with research often the key to deciding which location is right for you.

To try and make things a little easier we’ve compiled these little guides - looking at reasons why your future could lie in a selected number of locations we work with.

Article 2 - Five Reasons Why Your Future Lies in Malta

1 - Impressive Healthcare

It perhaps comes as a surprise that a tiny island like Malta, more famed as a holiday destination, is actually home to one of Europe’s best healthcare systems - but that is absolutely the case, and it’s only likely to improve as the country attempts to attract more medical tourists.

Although small in size, the island is home to both public and private facilities - all of which operate to typically high European standards. This makes them ideal for someone seeking a life changing career move - without any stress in the workplace.

2 - English

The language barrier can prevent a high number of people from making a move overseas - especially to the Arabic speaking Gulf or China, where different languages are notoriously challenging to learn.

Fortunately that shouldn’t be an issue in Malta, with English and Maltese the official languages - and all medical centres working in English. That does mean that fluency will be expected for all roles however - so don’t apply for an opening if your English isn’t top class.

3 - Great for Training

Although we don’t often have training positions on offer in Malta, there is little doubt that the island is a fantastic location for junior doctors to gain experience in a new environment. 

Strong ties exist between Britain’s NHS and the Maltese healthcare system, whilst the high standards and experienced workforce make it the perfect location for young medics to test themselves.

4 - Safety

When was the last time you heard about Malta on the news? You probably can’t remember. The country was recently rated as the world’s second safest, it is home to low crime rates, and unlikely to be seriously affected by natural disasters - making a move a safe and enjoyable prospect.

5 - Finances

It goes without saying that a move to Malta (or indeed anywhere in Europe) is unlikely to be as financially lucrative as a move to the Gulf region, however that isn’t to say that it can’t still be financially rewarding.

Tax rates are low by European levels, whilst the cost of living is almost half that of London! You’ll be especially impressed by the standard of property available for a far lower cost than in other locations.

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