Stress Impacting Cardio Health in UAE


Fraser Clarke

Workplace stress is affecting the health of people globally, with high rates of hypertension and heart disease heavily linked to the issue in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the research, which was compiled by Cigna Health Insurance, workplace stress is on the rise globally - with 88% of women and 85% of men saying that they found their employment stressful. This figure has also risen in the UAE, from 35% to 45% over the past 12 months.

Many reasons were given for the alarming global statistics; from a lack of sleep and exercise, to personal finance concerns and an overpowering workload.

In the Emirates this is now manifesting itself in other ways, with links being made between high stress working environments and already rising issues with cardiovascular health in the country.

Speaking about the results, CEO of Cigna in the MENA region, Jerome Droesch, said: “The survey was based on five parameters of wellness - physical, social, family, financial and workplace health. The results were more like Key Performance Indicators that the community could use to create greater awareness and help companies adopt workplace wellness programmes to benefit the sandwich generation (those between 35-49). 62% of people fall in the bracket and have to care for young ones as well as aging parents and have greater financial and workplace pressure.”

Greater employer support has also been highlighted as a major way in which the Emirates could tackle these issues, with 78% of women feeling as if wellness programmes in their workplace needed to provide equal access for both genders.

Droesch continued: “Companies in the UAE must study key gaps in employer support, and concentrate on these in order to lower stress levels.

“Flexible work arrangements, special paid leave, time off for personal interests and job security are just some of the benefits respondents feel employers should provide.”

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