Psychiatrists - New Zealand Needs You


Fraser Clarke

New Zealand is keen to attract highly skilled psychiatrists to help the country in its battle with mental illness, but what attractions are there for medical professionals (at different stages of their careers) in the country?

1 - Skills Shortage

New Zealand currently has a real shortage of psychiatrists, with the country dealing with what has been christened a ‘Mental Health Epidemic’. These rising rates mean that Psychiatrists are now on New Zealand’s skills shortage list.

Not only does this mean that there are plenty of job openings available, it also makes it easier to apply for a visa - assuming you have the relevant qualifications and experience - removing much of the usual stress from the visa process. Furthermore New Zealand allows people to apply for residency up to the age of 56, and this is extended further for anyone applying for a work visa.

2 - Great Education

New Zealand is fantastic for training positions, with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists offering high quality, internationally recognised qualifications that are easily transferable to the United Kingdom, Canada, the Middle East and beyond. 

Unlike in other locations, the training is more relaxed and tailored to the needs of each individual - with many of the medics we know speaking highly of well staffed rotas, and high quality supervision.

Further to this it can be completed more quickly than in the UK’s NHS, making the country ideal for ambitious young medics.

3 - Work/Life Balance

Possibly the biggest factor attracting people to New Zealand is the country’s famed work/life balance. Employers place a focus on ensuring that their staff maintain a healthy balance between their professional and private lives, and this can be a very welcome change from life in the often hectic NHS.

If you’re feeling overworked and undervalued in your current role, then a move to New Zealand can allow you to rediscover the spark and enjoy your career once more.

4 - Flexible

As well as the country’s world renowned work/life balance, many Psychiatrists also enjoy more flexibility in when and where they work. 

Vacancies are available right throughout the country; whether you’re looking to spend time in a large city, smaller town or more rural location, there’s likely to be an opening for you.

Likewise many psychiatrists choose to work part-time, especially those with young children, making a move ideal for someone with a family.

5 - Safety

New Zealand is, on the whole, a very safe and secure the country. Reports have ranked it as one of the safest worldwide to call home, whilst a stable political climate and economy can make a move a sensible long-term option.

The country’s strict border controls and low level of crime creates safer communities, greater personal freedom and peace of mind for anyone living in ‘down under’.

To start your journey to New Zealand register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.